Aeon Sophia Press is an independent publisher of esoteric and occult books that provide new and interesting approaches, interpretations, and views from within the modern study and praxis of the Magickal Artes. It stands as a nexus for individual authors and artists who seek to publish unique and intriguing works of little known modes of operation and/or philosophies developed by practitioners whose practices run coterminous with other more popular currents and traditions.

All books are printed and bound in the Netherlands. We work with the best craftsman bookbinders available. Who not only garuantee that all of our books are durable and long lasting, but who are also responsible for the creation for true objects of beauty.

Our aim for Aeon Sophia Press is to serve as a medium to support new authors and artists.

Malevolence by Vadge Moore

Malevolence is a collection of prose by author and musician Vadge Moore. Sinking into the darkest depths of his subconscious, Mr. Moore brings light to the predatory instincts, perversions and strange neuroses of his not so very beautiful mind.

Combining the previously published Chthonic Prose with his new work Meonic Monsters, Malevolence will take you on a journey through Hell. This journey will not leave the reader unscathed but it is a journey that will certainly open the readers mind to those sinister caverns of the Id in which the boundaries that normally separate good from evil are brutally transcended. Enjoy the ride. 

184 pages, standard edition hardcover.
Sepher ha-Maggid - The Book of Asmodeus By Humberto Maggi.

Scattered amongst the pages of the Talmud and of the Zohar we find elusive mentions about the Maaseh Kishuf, the Work of Sorcery, and the Maaseh Shedim, the Work of Demons. This grimoire gathers this dispersed knowledge to reconstitute the forbidden craft called in the pages of the Zohar the Serpentine Sorcery, attributed to the wicked Balaam and taught by the King of the Shedim, the demon Ashmedai, also known as Asmodeus.

The Talmud tells how the benign shedim conversed with the rabbis who were gifted with the "language of the demons," instructing them in the knowledge of sorcery; and in the Zohar we find that Asmodeus was Solomon's teacher, and that he gave to him a book of magical knowledge. Uniting academic research with the instructions of his own maggid shed (demonic teacher), Humberto Maggi presents a powerful combination of necromantic experience and scholarly knowledge to create a small jewel in the Solomonic Tradition of Magic.

154 pages, deluxe edition hardcover.
Handbook of Sacred Anatomy by Jose Gabriel Alegria

"The first part consists in a 'Mutus Liber', a little book without words, but the images present codified texts and symbols, which the reader will recognize or not, depending on his/her interest and familiarity with arcane images. The order and content of each drawing is not random, I've planned it with dedication and care, yet I don't want it to be read or understood objectively. The main aim of the book is clearly stated by the last image of the maiden in red, although I believe beauty can be enjoyed without the full understanding of a vision, it is it's mystery what makes it beautiful, and for me, art should create enigmas instead of solid answers, for doubt feeds creation. Anatomy and geometry are the main subjects here, and the curious dialogue between both languages, being both efforts of understanding the visible and invisible world."

53 pages, quarter goatskin leather hand bound 'devotee edition' hardcover.
'Liber Coronzom - An Enochian Grimoire' by A.D. Mercer.

Liber Coronzom is a ‘hands on’ approach to Enochian magic, cutting through all the superfluous material and focusing instead on the original Dee Manuscripts and their application, thus making it a genuine grimoire of practical magic Culled from years of personal experience and research, Liber Coronzom offers a different approach to interacting with the Enochian angels; first encountered by Dr. John Dee on the late 16th century. Liber Coronzom also reveals how the name Coronzom itself has been misspelt since it first appeared in print in 1659, and examines how this ‘error’ may have come about. Liber Coronzom is also the first work to correlate the Dee material with contemporary grimoires to give a more complete picture of practical magical work of the mid to late 16th Century.

Liber Coronzom is also the first work to examine this Enochian archetype in the light of eastern mysticism and Jungian psychology.

170 pages, standard edition  hardcover.
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"Our god's name is Abraxas and he is God and Satan
and he contains both luminous and the dark world

                                                    Hermann Hesse, Demian